Green the Data Center with your creative, innovative, passionate team

I am kind of tired of hearing another technology that green the data center.  Why?  Because no one technology can green your data center.  Being LEED certified or a low PUE is old news.

So, if you do want to green your data center what should you do?  You need to empower your team to be creative, innovative and passionate about what they can do.

Mike Manos has a post on the creating a culture of Creativiity.

Creating a culture of Creativity….


I came across this talk by John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) from 1991 about the process of building creativity.   I could not help but think of the applicability of building organizations that are creative.  In my opinion getting people out of the grind, the day to day blocking and tackling, into a place where they can begin to solve for things is more about the attitude and engagement of the team.  Its also one of the key cultural things I try to build in an organization.


I am reading a book on "Leading Teams" which actually requires me to buy the hardback book as it is not available on the kindle.


"Written with exceptional clarity and wit, and teeming with original, down-to-earth advice, Leading Teams is indispensable reading for anyone who works in teams, studies them, or wonders what makes them sink or soar."

-Harvey Hornstein, Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

"This is the book I have been waiting for on team effectiveness. Based on findings and containing insights from the leading researcher on teams, Leading Teams has everything. It is engaging, highly readable, and full of practical, useful advice."

-Edward Lawler, Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business

"Full of rich stories and organized into compelling cases, Leading Teams clearly communicates an elegant analysis of effective team leadership. A gem for practitioners and researchers alike."

-Chris Argyris, James B. Conant Professor Emeritus, Harvard University and Director, Monitor Group

"In Leading Teams Dr. Hackman takes his extensive knowledge of how to effectively lead teams and mixes it with insightful research and humor, providing the reader with a powerful prescription for improving team performance."

-Dave Bushy, Former Senior Vice President of Flight Operations and 747 Captain, Delta Airlines

Mike and I are having fun exchanging ideas, writing blog posts, and discussing all kinds of interesting things.  Some of the stuff we are discussing doesn't fit the typical categories. So, i decided one that is just tagged "Mike Manos"

I'll write more about the Leading Teams book when I finish it.