Dell Data Centers Solutions (DCS) turn 5, congratulations on years of innovation

It is not too long ago that Data Centers were far from people's minds when it came to buying server hardware.  Now, data centers and servers are intertwined in all kinds of ways.  All the OEMs now have data center groups.  And, Dell just turned 5 with its DCS group.

Barton George posts about DCS turning 5.

Can you imagine what things will be like when DCS turns 10?

All the best ideas begin on a cocktail napkin — DCS turns 5

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A little over a week ago, Dell’s Data Center Solutions (DCS) group marked its fifth birthday.  As Timothy Prickett Morgan explains in his articlesubtitled, “Five years old, and growing like a weed”:

DCS was founded originally to chase the world’s top 20 hyperscale data center operators, and creates stripped-down, super-dense, and energy-efficient machines that can mean the different between a profit and a loss for those data center operators.

This team, which now represents a greater than $1 billion dollar business and has expanded beyond just custom systems to include standard systems built for the “next 1000,”  all started on a simple napkin.

The origin of DCS -- Ty’s Sonic sketch - November 2, 2006

Ty Schmitt explain the start and napkin

Ty Schmitt who was one of the original team and now is the executive director of Dell’s modular infrastructure team within DCS, explains:

This was sketch I made over drinks with Jimmy Pike late one night after visiting a big customer on the west coast.