A fun place for food and drinks when visiting Amazon.com in Seattle

Amazon.com is hiring a lot and expanding its data center presence.  This is bringing more and more people to Amazon.com's office in Seattle.  The main offices in South Lake Union are in a much more convenient location for restaurants and drinks.

The Brave Horse Tavern is right next to some of the offices.


I've been to this location a variety of times to attend AWS events.  And, a nice sunny April day in Seattle was able to visit the Tavern.

Here is a review of the location by a frequent local.

Over the last couple years Tom Douglas has expanded his bevy restaurants quite substantially. The Brave Horse Tavern is one of three restaurants housed in the historic Terry Building in the South Lake Union area. The two-story building is a warm respite from the modern, but a little cold, glass and steel Amazon buildings that surround it on three sides. In the same building you’ll find Cuoco and Ting Momo.

The Brave Horse is a little different from Tom Douglas’ other locations in that the bar has a much more significant part in the scheme of things. This location is about beers, burgers, pretzels; watching games on the many TVs; gathering after work with friends for a quick game of shuffleboard or darts. Having said that, it’s much more than a standard tavern or standard tavern fare.

The Tavern has a Woodstone oven which is great for...

Brick Oven Pretzels ~ malt boiled, hearth roasted

hearth roasted asparagus
melty teleme cheese, grated egg,
green garlic bread crumbs 10.

penn cove clams, brave horse brew 10.

And, gave me more ideas on what to cook at home.