What the Startup pitch really means

Virgin Entrepreneur has a great post on what the startup pitch really means.

Startup says what? Here's an entrepreneur guest blog on common startup myths and how you can learn from them...They are the little white lies entrepreneur like to tell partners, investors, potential employees and their spouses. It's like a code. Every sentence can be translated from startup-speak to the English equivalent. I know I'm in for a long conversation, meeting or pitch when I hear any of these...

One of my favorite lines is.

Startup Says: "The product is ... a breakthrough, patented, innovative, yada-yada-yada"

Translation: "Lipstick is on the pig get ready to watch us make bacon"

When I hear these adjectives I'm prepared for a crappy demo or an unfinished product. My advice is to dispense with the adjectives. I want to know what the product does, who the target customer is and then I want a demo. In almost every case I'll be able to detect the secret sauce if it's there and I'll be more excited because it was my discovery. After the demo reiterate the opportunity and then just shut up. The questions will come.



Startup says what?By Chuck Russell - Apr 12, 2012