Wil City of SF employees protest their EPEAT policy that stops the purchase of Apple Computers

There are some people out there who think City of SF stopping the purchase of Apple Computer products due to lack of EPEA will cause the focus to be on Apple to change.

City of SF won’t buy Macs without EPEAT certification

We sort of knew this was coming. Just days after news hit that Apple no longer wants its computers and monitors evaluated for EPEAT certification, the first public agency has said it will no longer be allowed to buy Macs as a result.

The City of San Francisco is (unsurprisingly) first up, according to theWall Street Journal:

Officials with the San Francisco Department of Environment told CIO Journal on Monday they would send out letters over the next two weeks, informing all 50 of the city’s agencies that Apple laptops and desktops “will no longer qualify” for purchase with city funds.

Who will suffer in the short term?  The City of SF users who were hoping that July 1 in a new quarter to purchase Macs will find their orders rejected.  Which will also mean buying Windows SW to replace their Mac copies.  Who has the budget for that?  And worse, the Mac Loyalists will be forced to switch to Windows.

Maybe one of the media people will go interview some City of SF employees, but most likely not.  Who wants to read news about City of SF employees whining about their switch from Macs to Windows. 

If this seems silly.  It is.  And, most likely will not play out the way some hope that Apple change its mind and accept EPEAT.