Goldilock's Storage Solution, not too cold, not too hot - Pogoplug adds Amazon Glacier

Last week I got a chance to talk to PogoPlug CEO Dan Putterman.  And, what came to mind is Pogoplug's Amazon Glacier integration is a Goldilocks story.  Not too hot (expensive, yet fast).  Not too cold (cheaper, but slow).  Something just right which is a mix of hot and cold.

Daniel Putterman
President and CEO

Daniel, our fearless leader, President and CEO, is an industry-leading digital media entrepreneur. He founded Mediabolic in 1999 and served as CEO until its sale to Macrovision (now Rovi) in 2007. Mediabolic's software now powers millions of next generation digital consumer electronics devices. Additionally, he founded MaxInfo, the first collaborative Web media design software for the Internet (and acquired by NetManage), as well as EoExchange, a multimedia search engine for the Web. Over the last 20 years, Daniel has worked as an entrepreneur advocate, and has invested and teamed with colleagues to launch numerous Silicon Valley companies.

Daniel spent the earlier part of his career in senior management positions at Borland International and Symantec Corporation, where he was responsible for product management, business development and worldwide evangelism. He is a passionate and outgoing speaker on technology trends and issues. His dog, Riso, is our office mascot, troublemaker and vacuum cleaner.

It's one of the things I like about blogging is getting a 1/2 hr to talk to executives about their product from my home office, and learn a bit more. 

The press announcement that PogoPlug released this morning is for integration with Amazon Glacier.


September 06, 2012 09:00 ET

Pogoplug Introduces New Cloud Storage Service Using Amazon Glacier

New Service Combines Safe, Affordable Cloud Backup With Instant Access and Sharing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2012) - Pogoplug today announced its new cloud storage service for families and small businesses. The service seamlessly integrates Amazon's Glacier storage with Pogoplug-enabled storage in the home or office. The combination provides the most affordable and safest multi-user cloud backup, with instant access and sharing from anywhere on the Internet.

"Amazon is revolutionizing cloud storage with Glacier. Our new offering provides the missing link by eliminating the three to five hour retrieval time intrinsic to Glacier -- making all content instantly accessible," said Daniel Putterman, CEO of Pogoplug. "By keeping data synchronized between Amazon Glacier and a Pogoplug device in the home or office, we are offering unprecedented pricing for safe, fast cloud storage."

The Amazon Glacier support provides a tiered storage strategy with your local PogoPlug device, Amazon S3, and Glacier.  This range gives the benefits of hot local storage, cloud for Internet access speeds, and cold tape back-up for peace of mind. 

Part of geeking out with Dan was discussing Mac Time Machine support and how his device compares to the Drobo-FS I have in my office.

Not you don't have to store everything in the cloud if you don't have the Internet bandwidth.

Once your data is safely stored on your Pogoplug, with one click you can choose to have a second copy of all or part of your data automatically and continuously archived to Pogoplug’s secure cloud. This additional backup protects your most critical files in case of a disaster at home, keeping your data twice as safe.

I am kind of surprised how much press there is one the announcement, but that is the benefit of being one of the first with Amazon Glacier support. 

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Pogoplug Team plans enable businesses to leverage existing servers or computers for backup, private cloud storage and team collaboration. Each Pogoplug Team plan includes a fully customizable user interface, and up to 5 terabytes of offsite cloud storage.

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Bridging Hot And Cold Cloud Storage

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Pogoplug had been quietly developing a way to plug a major hole in its service--namely, what happens when your personal cloud dies or you accidentally delete an important folder? Enter Glacier, a service seemingly tailor made for products like Pogoplug ...

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PogoPlug has launched a new service this week designed to provide families and small businesses with a Cloud storage solution which utilises Amazon's Glacier storage services. The new packages start from $29 a year for unlimited private cloud storage at ...