Google Announces LATAM Green Data Center Construction, Where are the other two?

Google announced its first LATAM data center in Chile.

Quilicura, Chile

Located in a community just outside of Santiago, Chile, this will be Google's first data center in Latin America.

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Hello Chile!

In September 2012, we announced our plans to build a data center in the municipality of Quilicura, near Santiago, Chile. We’re now beginning construction, and we plan to start bringing the facility online by the end of 2013.

Building this data center in Chile is an exciting step for us. As Internet usage in Latin America grows, people are looking for information and entertainment, new business opportunities and better ways to connect with friends and family near and far. We’re building this data center to make sure that our users across Latin America and the world have the fastest and most reliable access possible to all of Google’s services.

We are also really excited about the facility itself. We estimate that our long-term investment in this data center will reach $150 million USD and will be one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly in Latin America, built to the same high standards we use around the world. Once operational, the data center will employ up to 20 people in a variety of full-time and contractor roles, including computer technicians, engineers and catering and security staff.


The news coverage is pretty good, but I haven't found anyone who asks the questions, where are the other two.   What other two?  Google building reliable Web 2.0 services tries to have three sites for availability.

One of the more interesting site is's coverage.  Google's Dan Costello was the data center spokesman and makes the good statement for a Green Data Center, being energy efficient with air cooling and low water use.

As revealed Dan Costello, director of data center operations for Google, the company's growth has made each day receive 3 billion searches, to climb 10 years of video to YouTube and 5 million businesses use Google Apps services . The data center facility will allow users Chilean and Latin America have better access to all services of the company, "fast and reliable" and promoting the migration to cloud computing.


Costello noted that Chile's temperate climate is ideal for the operation of the center as it will allow the cooling air through the atmosphere and water use will not affect the drinking water system Quilicura.


The data center of Gauteng will join other eight centers installed in the northern hemisphere (North America and Europe), plus four others that are currently under construction. Is expected to be ready by mid-2013.

So, where are the other two?  Well, maybe three.  I've known about this for a while, but didn't have a good reason to blog it.  How, just look at the Google job postings.

Operations Program Manager, Geo Operations. Location: São Paulo. Team: Program Management. Apply now. This position is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. ... html
Data Center Program Manager. Location: Belo Horizonte. Team: Program Management. Apply now. This position is based in Latin America. ...
Data Center Program Manager. Location: Lima. Team: Program Management. Apply now . This position is based in Latin America. ...

When you map theses locations it looks like this.


Doesn't that make sense for a Google presence in LATAM vs. this?


Note, the other LATAM data center locations do not mean that Google will construct a data center.  The spaces could be in wholesale data center space.