Are you Neat or Messy workspace person? One of you is more creative

Harvard Business Review blog has a post that will polarize some of you.  Are you one who must have your desk clean and organized before you work?  Or are you one juggles a dozen different things with pieces of paper all over, books stacked randomly, and bunches of browser screens open?  One of you has a higher chance of being creative. According the HBR the messy are the more creative.

Don’t Tidy Up Before You Do Your Creative Thinking

Research participants in a room where papers were scattered on a table and the floor came up with5 times more highly creative ideas for new uses of ping-pong balls than those in a room where papers and markers were neatly arranged, says a team led by Kathleen D. Vohs of the University of Minnesota. A disorderly environment seems to aid creativity by helping people break from tradition, order, and convention, the researchers say.

Data Centers are not the place for creativity so a messy one is not a good one.  But, the desk of those of who work in the data center is another story.