One of the Good Things About Obamacare's IT disaster is the possibility of the end of Waterfall Development in Government IT

This whole Obamacare IT stuff is going to keep going for a while.  The rest of the Tech industry can sit on the sidelines and let the US government and its vendors take the hit for outages, security breaches, bad customer service.

One of the possible outcomes is the end of Waterfall development.  The WSJ journal reports on a call for openness and transparency in development.  Words that sound like Agile Development.

The administration "must be fully transparent in their efforts to get the website working. Anything less than complete disclosure and accountability is not acceptable," she said.

Here is one amongst many comparisons of Agile vs. Waterfall.

Agile Vs Waterfall Model

It is worth mentioning here that the Waterfall model is the primitive model type and has been implemented in the development phase time after time. Hence in the due course if time developers found many drawbacks in this model which were later rectified to form various other development models.Waterfall Vs Agile pictureThe common element to all of them being the basic phases of the waterfall approach. We can hence conclude that Agile is also another of its successors which has all the advantages of the primitive waterfall model and has also rectified the disadvantages in this evolved model.