At Harvard, Bill Gates Reflects on days from College to Present

Here is a video that many media people have focused on the fact that Bill admits ctrl-alt-del was a mistake.

Here is one example of focusing on the ctrl-alt-del.

Now comes a startling admission about the awkward 3-key command from Microsoft's co-founder, Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake. 

Gates explained during an interview at Harvard University. 

"We could have had a single button [to log on to Windows]" Gates said. "But the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn't want to give us our single button." 

Finally Gates gave up and admitted "It was a mistake." The Harvard auditorium crowd laughed and cheered. Now though some computer experts say Gates is mistaken to call Control-Alt-Delete a mistake.

After watching the video it was clear that Bill has refined his storytelling skills.  The video goes through the story of days at Harvard to early days at Microsoft, changes throughout the years, negotiating with IBM where IBM thought 200k-300k over 3 years was the volume and Microsoft was thinking the OS was much bigger, starting the Gates Foundation, leaving Microsoft, what keeps Bill thinking now.

The ctrl-alt-del is a funny moment, but there is many more interesting stories.