See What is Wrong with DCIM, now what?

I have been reading more with my new Kindle Paperwhite (2nd generation).  The Kindle is working the way I hoped and I am spending more time focused on reading and study.  One book I am reading now is 

Seeing What Others Don't: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights [Kindle Edition]

Gary Klein 



I've also been working on some operational issues and mobile software.

This morning spending 45 minutes undisturbed reading "Seeing What Others Don't."  It hit me why DCIM doesn't work for many, and what is wrong with the approach to DCIM.  Testing the concept is easy, and most would agree with my perspective.  

Now what?

Do I write my epiphany/insight in a blog post?  Nahhh.  It is too hard to write up.  I think I'll just have more fun with the idea discussing it with some friends.  Besides the solution I came up with is too esoteric for the vast majority of people.  This post was one that I liked.


Here are bunch more articles from Psychology Today by Gary Klein.

Seeing What Others Don't

The remarkable ways we gain insights