Having fun at 7x24 Exchange, Getting some of the Thought Leaders to Socialize more

Normally going to a conference is not considered fun.  It may be educational, but rarely fun.  Many of my data center friends, the thought leaders who speak at events or have built and run some of the biggest data centers, like to get together when they can.  It can be a challenge trying to organize when we can get together for an evening and break away from the conference activities.  Hanging in the bar just doesn’t work for discussing something worthwhile.

Many of us are planning on going to 7x24 Exchange, Nov 17-20, 2013 in San Antonio.


This time we’ll spend an extra day in Texas and head to Austin for beer, BBQ, listen to a band, and socialize at a leisure pace.  I’ve found I get many more insights exchanging ideas this way and many others do too which is why we get together.  Building a social event around another data center event has been working, and this is the first time we’ll spend an additional day in the area. 

Thanks to Kevin,Sonda, Kristen to help pull this off.  There is no way this social could be organized without their help.

And a big thanks to those attending our Austin Social. 

At this time, we are full and are not adding more people to the event.  I am not going to say where we are staying in Austin, where we are going to dinner, or what venue we are going for the band.  Thanks to Kevin who is a native Austin, he has taken care of us.

What I will l say is thanks to another well connected individual, those who golf are going to Fazio Foothills.

The Fazio Foothills course, established in 1986, ranks at the top of all experts’ lists. Golfweek Magazine rates the Foothills #4 among America’s 50 Best Resort Courses. The course is also named the Best Resort Course in Texas and has the distinction of consistently having several holes listed among the State’s Best or Most Beautiful Holes (holes #12, 4, 9, 16, 10, 18) recognized by the Dallas Morning News.


And here is a little secret is a common interest.  You hang out with people who help you get better.  I was referring to the data center conversations, not the golf game. :-)