Intermittent Blogging for next month, Mid Nov to Mid Dec 2013

A few days ago I realized I am traveling for work or pleasure every week for the next 4 weeks.  Lots of good things going on, but this means my regular time to blog will be disrupted.  I don’t think of myself as traveling that much, but when I add it up at the end of the year I am traveling a trip a bit less than every other week.  The majority to the bay area which I do so often it doesn’t really feel like a plane ride.  

I have been thinking more about how the industry is going through changes and how I have been changing what I blog about.  The Green Data Center is more accepted.  Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft all have renewable energy announcements on a regular basis.  There are many who don’t do this yet, and thanks to the environmental groups more pressure will build for others to jump on the environmental movement.

I have lots to write.  The problem is my schedule is a little crazy for the next month.

Thanks for following this blog.  

I’ll see a few of regular readers in my travels, and sharing ideas through this blog jump starts the conversations.