Who would have thought that the Tablet Wars are between Apple, Google, and Amazon

I have an iPad, Samsung Tablet, and a 1st generation Kindle Fire.   In the past month Apple, Google and Amazon have announced their new Tablets and CNET has a post on display quality.

iPad Air topped by Kindle Fire HDX in display quality test

The iPad Air has an "excellent" display -- but not quite as excellent as the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, DisplayMate says.


On Thursday I am getting a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.  During the day I find myself spending time in amazon’s, apple’s, and google’s mobile OS.  The true test on the Kindle HDX is what my kids think.  They are always making fun of the number of things I use during the day.  One of these days they may understand what I am doing what all the devices creating a mobile service solution. When I try to tell the story of what I am building I feel like it is bedtime situation.  My family usually gets sleepy, nods their head, “uh huh”, “yea”, and they are ready to go to sleep. I’ve learned this lesson and don’t tell the mobile stories unless I have someone who has the problem set we are trying to solve.  That’s when they are awake. 

What is interesting is Amazon, Apple, and Google are each trying to solve a different mobile problem which is defined by their business model.