1st day at GigaOm Roadmap

I had good long day at GigaOm Roadmap getting immersed in designers. I was able to reconnect with John Maeda and catch up on some ideas.  Here is John’s presentation reported by Kevin Tofel.  I have more to add, but I am pretty tired after a 12 hr day of networking.

Why Moore’s Law doesn’t influence design these days: Less is “moore”



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John Maeda Rhode Island School of Design Roadmap 2013

Technology cycles have been on a tear for decades, with each chip iteration bringing more capabilities at lower prices. But less can be more in tech products–and design is the way to balance that factor.

Connecting with my long past work in typefaces I had a nice conversation with Erik Spiekermann.  I want to write about my impression of Erik’s presentation, but I’ll do that later.  Jeff John Roberts reports on Erik’s presentation.

Apple font “beautiful as typeface, totally sucks as an interface” — insights from a famous designer




Erik Spiekermann Edenspiekermann Jeff Veen Adobe Roadmap 2013

Noted designer Erik Spiekermann has called Apple’s typeface choice a “youthful folly.” Speaking at Gigaom’s Roadmap, he explained what he meant and offered other insights into how he sees the world of design.

The GigaOm Roadmap day 1 was well worth the time and I’ll go back tomorrow for day 2.