Choosing a Path to the Cloud?

Moving to the cloud is assumed for almost all IT departments.  Choosing the path for you and what you take with you is not as clear.

On Feb 27, 2013 10-11a PT, I will be an webinar panel to discuss the routes that people can take.



What’s your best route to the cloud?


As organizations of all sizes make their move to the cloud, they are looking for ways to gain control over the chaos of ad hoc, unplanned and unmanaged adoption of cloud services. No single path is right for every company and thus a growing assortment of services is emerging to suit every use case. These range from direct peering, to one-stop-shops that offer it all, which is great as long as you like their flavor, to cloud services brokerages offering migration to specific cloud apps, to colo and hosting providers creating cloud exchanges or marketplaces where users can connect directly to best of breed cloud services all within the same data center.