Microsoft's Big Data boss heads to VC, Madrona Group

GigaOm posts on Microsoft's Big Data Boss going to VC, Madrona Group.

Microsoft’s big data boss heads to Madrona Venture Group



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Microsoft vet and data platform VP Ted Kummert is joining Madrona Venture Group as a venture partner. As VCs aim to boost their enterprise investments, they’re snatching up talent from big IT.

Ted Kummert, a 23-year Microsoft veteran and former corporate vice president of the company’s Data Platform Group, has left Microsoft to become a partner at Madrona Venture Group. Kummert led the development of numerous data products at Microsoft, including SQL Server, Windows Azure data services and the company’s growing portfolio of big data offerings.

Ted spent a bunch of time as VP of MSN operations before his stint in Biztalk and SQL.

I was wondering how much longer Ted was going to be at Microsoft.  Ted and I have exactly the same past employers.  First HP, then Apple, and then Microsoft.  Long, long time ago Ted and I sat next to each other when he was development manager of the Interactive TV Client (think of Netflix and Youtube, but back in 1994) and I was program manager.  Ted was one of best guys I know that rose to the level of VP.  A solid technical guy and could manage teams.

As GigaOm points out Ted will move on without much noise, but he was a highly valued executive.

However, Kummert’s departure appears to lack the political drama of the others, and Microsoft’s foray into big data has actually been pretty well received thus far, so perhaps he was just looking for a change of pace.

After 23 years at Microsoft, 4-5 yrs at Apple, and 3 at HP, Ted deserves a change of pace.  Ted joined Microsoft's Windows NT group in the early days and exits as a Big Data Cloud Service executive.