Video from the Superbowl Control Room during the outage "We Lost the A Feed"

Vanity Fair has an article on the Superbowl outage that the data center crowd will enjoy.

The best part is there is a video you can watch of the control room when the outage happens.

The specifics discussed in the vide of what happened are:

The mood in the control room begins to approach frantic only when Doug Thornton, an executive at the company that owns the Superdome, SMG, delivers some cryptic bad news that neither we nor Supovitz can understand.

Thornton: “Frank, we lost the A feed.”

Supovitz: “What does that mean?”

Thornton: “That means that we have to do the bus time?”

Supovitz: “What does that mean?”

Supovitz: “That means about a 20-minute delay.”