Three Private Clouds - IBM PureSystems, Redapt Private Cloud, AOL microdatacenter

IBM PureSystems hit the one year anniversary of their launch, and at IBM Impact i heard about PureSystems a lot.  After a few days, I filtered the marketing material to figure out what is the IBM PureSystems.

Then I saw this IBM video on PureSystems by Jason McGee.


This reminded me of what AOL’s Mike Manos has blogged on AOL’s microdatacenters.


Here is just a few of the things required to look at/change/and automate to even make this kind of achievement possible:

  • Developing an entirely new Technology Suite and the ability to deliver that capacity anywhere in the world with minimal to no staffing.
  • Delivering extremely dense compute capacity (think the latest technology) to give us the longest possible use of these assets once deployed into the field.
  • The ability to deliver a “Microdata Center” anywhere on the planet regardless of temperature and humidity settings
  • The ability to support/maintain/and administer remotely.
  • The ability to fit into the power envelope of a normal office building
  • Participation in our cloud environment and capabilities
  • The processes by which these facilities are maintained and serviced
  • and much much more…


and a third version of a PureSystems approach is Redapt’s Private Cloud.

What is the Redapt Cloud on Citrix CloudPlatform?

The Redapt Cloud is a bundle of tightly integrated infrastructure power by Citrix CloudPlatform.  It delivers a turnkey private or hybrid cloud at lower costs than public cloud providers.


Reasons to Consider the Redapt Cloud

  • The Redapt Cloud blends proven reference architectures and our team’s experience to delivery a fully integrated private cloud
  • A Redapt Cloud offers network, data, and compute performance that is superior to public cloud offerings.
  • Your Redapt Cloud is designed to meet your application workloads and data capacity.  As your needs grow, so can your Redapt Cloud by adding compute and data as required.
  • At scale, it is less costly than a public cloud.  Show us your public cloud utilization and we’ll demonstrate how the Redapt Cloud will save your organization real money.
  • The Redapt Cloud can offer the data and network security that has been deterring your IT department from utilizing the efficiencies of cloud computing.
  • Powered by Citrix CloudPlatform, which is recognized by industry pundits as  the Infrastructure as a Service leader.
  • Infrastructure arrives at the data center of your choice ready to deploy.  Realize an operational cloud in as little as 14 days.

Sometimes it is easier to understand something when you see what others have done.  When I look at the IBM PureSystems site it is much easier to visualize what this means.

IBM PureFlex System

PureFlex System is an infrastructure system that provides an integrated computing environment — combining servers, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single offering.

This same description can be applied to AOL’s microdatacente and Redapt’s private cloud.