Squarespace API back down again, so need to change my writing style

When you get used to a certain way of creating content, many times there is an overall flow to your work.  Whether you are using Word, Photoshop, or Excel, a person creating content gets used to a way to work.  When your favorite tool is gone, changing can be hard.

Since last Thursday, SquareSpace 5’s API has been down.  This means I can’t publish from MarsEdit or Windows Live Writer to the blog.  I could use the browser posting feature, but I am so used to working in an editor that I can easily cut and paste reference urls, images, or video, it slows me down.  It feels like it is so slow it stops me from writing.

Given it has been 4 days now with the feature down, I am going to change what I write until it is up, and hope the API is fixed soon.