Ooooh, Google builds a two story data center in Dalles

I read this post on GigaOm about Google's data center expansion being two story.  And started laughing.  Ooooh it's news that Google has a two story data center.

Given Google's disclosed hot aisle containment with its chilled water to the rack it is pretty damn efficient for google to pipe water for cooling.  This type of approach would work well in Singapore where Google is building as well which will probably be more than two stories.  Moving water is so much more efficient than moving air.

Google eyes two-story Oregon data center design to maximize efficiency



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photo: Google

Google plans to build two stories inside a new data center building on its campus in The Dalles, Ore. It’s yet another method of optimizing critical infrastructure for the web giant.

 The Dalles Chronicle has the original post citing city disclosures.

City staff is recommending the request be approved, since the proposal – to build a building up to 80 feet tall – will not overwhelm the other two relatively tall buildings on the property, and is in an isolated area.

The new building will go between the two existing buildings. “The building will be large, but not out of scale with its surroundings,” a staff report noted.

Google did not specify how tall the building would be, but said it could be up to 80 feet. City rules limit buildings to 55 feet in industrial zones if they are for human occupancy, and up to 75 feet if they are not for human occupancy. The ordinance does allow for a variance, or exception, to that rule, and Google is seeking such a variance.

“The applicant is trying to efficiently use its property. Based on current technology, a two-story building is more efficient than a one-story building,” the staff report said.

No objections were raised to the proposal when notices on it were sent to adjoining properties, the staff report noted.

DCK references the The Dalles Chronicle as well.

Is it really news that Google is building a two story building?  Although thanks to Yahoo, the media got excited a chicken coop was being built.