Charlie DeJong Eastern Washington native, passes away over the weekend

Almost none of you know Charlie DeJong.  I worked with Charlie when we were both at Microsoft.  He had an interest in the environment and growing up in Wenatchee in Eastern Washington he grew more interested in data centers as they were being built in his hometown area.  Charlie and I took a drive out to Eastern Washington 5 years ago to look at some data centers to prepare him for some job interviews.  Unfortunately, Charlie did not get job so he is an unknown in the data center industry.

Just now I heard through a Facebook post that Charlie past away this weekend.

Today, God reached from heaven to carry the soul of our dear Charlie to be with him in his Kingdom. Those that knew Charlie witnessed a man that truly loved his family and friends and most of all God. Charlie showed me laughter, sometimes tears, but I always knew that his love for God and his beautiful family were radiated from him!
Charlie DeJong, I love you and will miss you, and I know you will always be with us.

Charlie did get to spend the last 4 years working on something that he can be proud of.


Charlie DeJong

Building a better world for children

Greater Seattle Area
Nonprofit Organization Management
  1. World Vision
  1. Microsoft Corporation
  2. Versada Networks, 
  3. Access360
  1. The George Washington University Law School