Driving Data Center Performance, focus on your team, not on others

At 7x24 Exchange a panel discussion with Google, AOL, and IBM discussed the challenges for Driving Data Center Performance.



Panel Discussion

David Schirmacher
Senior Vice President of Operations
Digital Realty
7x24 Exchange International

Joe Kava
Vice President
Google Data Center Operations

Todd Traver, CDCDP, PMP
Data Center Strategy and Energy Efficiency Executive 
IBM Global Technology Services 

Michael J. Manos
Chief Technology Officer

You those of you who haven't seen Mike and Joe on stage, they both have lots of energy.  Todd was also chiming in.




It is difficult to write about all the ideas discussed.  Here are nuggets made during the session.

Joe - Dashboards allows visibility within Google to see operations including executives.

Mike - PUE as a metric has hit the diminishing return point.  The next issue is work per watt.

Todd - integration across the organizations is the next issue to address.

Manos -  It costs 30% overhead to develop the software infrastructure for redundancies and operations. but it pays long term. 

Overall message on measurement - wakeup create your own metrics for your team.

Kava - greatest cause of unavailability are the choices made to make changes, not failure of the electrical or mechanical systems.

There were many more things discussed and this blog post would get way too long if I tried to cover all the ideas.

FYI, I am biased on this blog post, because Mike Manos and Joe Kava are friends that I moderated 1 1/2 yrs ago at 7x24 Exchange, have known many years, and we had plenty of time in the bar and chatting in side conversations during the conference.  Oh and the moderator David Schirmacher is also a good friend.  So I am able to interpret and think more about what is presented, yet I need to go back to watch the video at some point to see more of what I missed. For those of you not at 7x24 Exchange Boca, you'll be able to watch the video to see what you missed too.

Below is a picture with Jack Glass, Mike Manos, and Joe Kava from the conference 1 1/2 years ago. 


Convention Photography are courtesy of Professional Images Photography Joe Rodriguez 2013.