Coming soon overall observations of Google's "How Green is the Internet?" Event

Today was Google's "How Green is the Internet?" Event.

Here is a full list of the speakers at the event.  I got ample time with some of the people who are familiar to the data center industry.  Presentations and videos will be posted most likely next week.

I specifically didn't write anything about the event as I spent my time observing and networking with people there.  One of the thing I decided to do was observe the other media attending.

Katie Fehrenbacher threw up an early post.

Al Gore: The information explosion is a tool to help solve the climate crisis




Al Gore

The Internet and the digital revolution can be a major player in fighting climate change, says Al Gore at a Google event.

Forbes's Michael Kanellos has a post on the overall day.  It is funny that the state of CA went up 2.68% vs. GOOG up 0.49%.  I didn't know the State of CA was listed on an exchange.  Of course, CA is computer associates, not the state of California.

Google Says: Save Energy, Ditch Your Data Center

Mountain View, CA CA +2.68%.—If you want to save energy, get rid of your servers, says Urs Hoelzle, senior vice president of technical infrastructure atGoogle GOOG +0.49%.





What is very interesting to me was watching what Google presented, what questions the media asked, and what they choose to write about.  

One of the more fact filled presentations was Jonathan Koomey's talk.  Which just between you readers, I found Jonathan's talk the most informative.  Al Gore's talk had some interesting points that I will reference when the video goes live.

I have never used an audio recording device when interviewing, but after today it is much clearer why the journalists use one. I'll go into this in more detail in another post.

When I go to an event with a press/media badge, it can scare many who have been told they should not talk to the press.  I wonder if other press/media folks knew I was analyzing them just like I am analyzing technology they would be scared too.

I'll be writing more next week when the videos go up and the presentations are posted.  How media reports is something that I find fascinating.  Do you need to have taken college physics or mathematics to report on technology?  The current answer is no.  What would happen if the answer was yes and you needed better than a C, passing grade.  How would the public perceive the reporting of events?  One of the points that Al Gore made is how poor the public is informed of the facts.  Is that the fault of the speakers like Al Gore or the media?  A bit of both I think. 

The media industry has gone through some big changes, and there is no reason to think change will stop now.