Full Media Coverage of Google's "How Green is the Internet?" event

I attended as media/press the 3rd Google Energy Summit.  I had been to the 1st, and was briefed on the presentations for the 2nd.  The third didn't focus on data centers as much and more asking questions and presenting data on the environmental impact of data centers and internet technologies.  Urs Hoelzle has been the executive sponsor for each one of these events.  Al Gore and Eric Schmidt for the first time presented their perspectives.

On purpose I choose not to write, tweet, during the summit.  There were a bunch of photographers and videographers there so I know the images and video are going to come.



It's a lot of hard work to record the content, let alone listen to what people are saying.


Here are the list of news articles on the Google event that Google news shows.

Full coverage

Al Gore, Google search for a greener Internet

GreenBiz.com (blog) - ‎22 hours ago‎
How green is the Internet? Al Gore, Eric Schmidt and other experts packed a room at Google headquarters Thursday to explore the Internet's environmental impacts. With a crowd of about 100 people, it was the third event Google has hosted on this topic since ...

The internet is good for the planet, and let's keep it that way

GigaOM - ‎18 hours ago‎
But all of this research is so new, and these issues are so complex, that answering that question — is the internet green or not? — is a very difficult one. After the day long Google event called How green is the internet? I have a lot more questions than answers ...

Google Says: Save Energy, Ditch Your Data Center

Forbes - ‎Jun 6, 2013‎
Server and data center under-utilization is one of the primary sources of waste and inefficiency in computing, argued Hoelzle, who served as the master of ceremonies at the “How Green is the Internet?” symposium that took place at Google headquarters in ...

Is the Internet green? Yes and no

San Francisco Chronicle (blog) - ‎Jun 6, 2013‎
Google is hosting a summit on its corporate campus on Thursday exploring the question: How green is the Internet? The main speakers include former Vice President Al Gore, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Urs Hölzle, the Mountain View Internet giant's ...

The Efficiency Gap: Can Server Huggers Shift to the Cloud?

Data Center Knowledge - ‎Jun 7, 2013‎
That was the bottom line in a wide-ranging discussion Thursday at “How Green is the Internet,” a conference convened by Google to brainstorm ways to reduce the impact of Internet technology on the emission of green house gases. Data centers got their ...

Highlights from Google's Internet Summit

Data Center Knowledge - ‎Jun 7, 2013‎
At yesterday's “How Green is the Internet?” conference, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt shared anecdotes about the benefits of Internet services in the emerging world, citing his experiences in travels to Pakistan, southern Sudan and China. (Photo: Rich Miller).

Al Gore: Stop using the atmosphere as 'AN OPEN SEWER'

Register - ‎Jun 7, 2013‎
Speaking at Google's "How Green Is the Internet? Summit" at the company's Mountain View headquarters on Thursday, Gore reiterated his belief that global warming is real, and that its effects are already upon us. Gore's presentation at the gathering, which is ...

Al Gore: The information explosion is a tool to help solve the climate crisis

GigaOM - ‎Jun 6, 2013‎
The digital revolution and the explosion of data are powerful tools that can help solve the climate crisis, said Vice President Al Gore at Google's 'How Green is the Internet?' on Thursday. In Gore's talk he applauded the leadership roles that tech companies like ...