A different way for DCIM, drop the M - Data Center Infrastructure

It has been interesting watching the DCIM market develop.  I designed a DCIM solution 4 years ago and what I thought was obvious I find few people would do.

Given the popularity of my post on DCIM not living up to expectations. I'll write a bit more.

One good rule is to follow what is articulated and followed by Google's demi god of infrastructure Jeff Dean who reports to THE god of google's infrastructure Urs Hoelzle.

One of Jeff Dean's demi god powers is.

If Dean has a superhuman power, then, it’s not the ability to do things perfectly in an instant. It’s the power to prioritize and optimize and deal in orders of magnitude. Put another way, it’s the power to recognize an opportunity to do something pretty well in far less time than it would take to do it perfectly. In Silicon Valley, that’s much cooler than shooting cowboys with an Uzi.

DCIM. Data Center Infrastructure Management.  Sometimes I think the solution would be better solved if the M - Management was dropped.  What is needed in Data Center Infrastructure.

What are the real problems in the Infrastructure that need to be solved.  Jeff Dean's #1 rule is the necessity of solving a problem.

I think one of the things that have caused us to build infrastructure as we were often doing things out of necessity, so we would be running into problems where we needed some infrastructure that would solve that problem in a way that could make it so that it can scale to deal with larger amounts of data or larger amounts of requests volumes and all of these kinds of things. There’s nothing like necessity of needing to do something to cause you to come up with abstractions that help you break through the forms. So map reduce was born out of needing to scale our indexing system.

I think I have a new bar joke "What is the necessity of management in DCIM?"  DCIM solutions would be so much better if the decision on what DCIM is deployed was made by Operations Team and not the Management Team.