Would you rather operate an air cooled rack or an oil immersion rack?

I regularly have people mention how immersion cooling is interesting.  But, almost all these people are outsiders, not people who work in data centers.   Poll question how many of you want to spend the day with mineral oil soaked components?  I don't see any hands up.

DCK just had a post on CGG's use of Green Revolution Cooling.


This solution must have looked good on paper to someone for CGG.  What do the operations guys think?

When you let operations have a voice what looks good on paper will many times have issues.

Arstechnica just posted a tour of Facebook's HW group.

Could you imagine 100,000 servers immersed in oil at Facebook.


The operating costs for an immersion system are an unknown and there is no way it will deliver a 50% reduction in a Facebook data center.