Barron's Investor's Soapbox post references Intel's 2X increase in Intel data center business

Barron's has a guest post that references Intel's intent to double its data center business.

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Intel's management has reiterated its commitment to double their Data Center business, currently about 21% of sales but 45% of profit dollars, over the next few years.


With its multiprong strategy, Intel is outspending all its server competitors combined. The company will offer both scale-up architecture with high single-thread performance as well as scale-out platform for lighter weight jobs that emphasizes power efficiency, integration and low cost. It is unlikely that any other company can offer the breadth of products to compete with Intel in all server market segments. Intel's 14nm products have raised the bar for competitors across multiple segments. As such, Intel is expected to remain the dominant processor supplier for the near future.

-- Ashok Kumar

Intel has announced its intent to reinvent the data center.