Another IT Automation Tool gets funded - AnsibleWorks

3 weeks ago I was talking to an IT Operations friend and we were chatting about IT Automation Tools.  He said he used Ansible.  Why didn't he use PuppetLabs or Chef?  He runs servers in a remote secure environment and using SSH with no agents would work to drive automation.  Wandering around OSCON I talked to a few Ansibleworks staff and now GigaOm's Barb Darrow reports on the company being funded. 

AnsibleWorks gets $6M to open source IT automation



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Ansible performs both configuration and deployment management across platforms and now has funding to expand its already impressive toehold.

Here is the elevator pitch.

The company’s sales pitch is that devops and systems administrators want something more “holistic” than Opscode Chef or Puppet Labs’ Puppet (see disclosure) configuration management tools to do their jobs. AnsibleWorks says it focuses both on up-front configuration management and the actual deployment itself.

In the same way that the data center industry is a small world.  The IT automation operations is a small one too.

DeHaan, who also spent time at Puppet, started work on Ansible 18 months ago and the company claims to have garnered more than 300,000 users since then, including Aerospike, AppDynamics, Basho Technologies, and Gawker Media. The first commercial version of the enterprise product, AWX, came online last month and is available free for use on up to 10 nodes.