A Beer for your Buds to share, Redhook's Joint Effort

I've been filling up a growler more recently.  My favorite growlers are HydroFlask.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Steel Growler Review: Big. Cold. Beer.

You take beer seriously. You want it as pure as it was the day it left the brewery—untainted with light and heat. You want the best beer possible, and you want to take your time drinking it. Do you want a 64-ounce wide mouth vacuum insulated stainless steel growler?

And a nice looking one from Deschutes.

This growler holds 2 liters, which comes out to a little over 67 ounces. Most growlers are 64 ounces. It is a very high quality growler with a nice decorative handle.

deschutes beer growler

I really like the porcelain lid, it seals down nice and tight. 

One of the new beers to share is Redhook's Joint Effort with Hilliard's Hemp Ale for your buds. Note: the marijuana theme- joint, hemp, buds.


Old School Meets New School in Ballard as Top Seattle Breweries Brew New Beer to Celebrate Legalization of Marijuana



SEATTLE – July 11, 2013 – Redhook Brewery, the Northwest’s original craft brew, announced today the release of “Joint Effort,” a new hemp beer brewed in collaboration with Seattle’s Hilliard’s Beer that celebrates the legalization of marijuana in Washington State.*

Oh. The beer will be only available in Washington State.

In keeping with Redhook’s reputation for creating imaginative tap handles, Joint Effort will be poured by a handle shaped like a bright yellow bong. Joint Effort will be available on draught only beginning July 15th and will launch in 22oz bottles under the Blueline Series in late October. The beer will be available in Washington State only. Locations can be found using Redhook’s “Beer Finder” at www.Redhook.com.