Dell's Data Center business outshines End user Computing in Q2 2013 calendar

here is Dell's press release.

Data Center related businesses did well.

Enterprise Solutions Group revenue was $3.3 billion, an 8 percent increase. Operating income for the quarter was $137 million, a 9 percent decrease. Dell server, networking and peripherals revenue increased 10 percent, the fifth consecutive quarter of growth for this business, driven by continued strength in hyper-scale data center servers. Dell networking continued to grow, with a 19 percent revenue increase. Dell storage revenue declined 7 percent.

End User Computing didn't look as good with a 71% decrease vs. 9% decrease for enterprise solutions.

End User Computing revenue was $9.1 billion in the quarter, a 5 percent decrease. Operating income for the quarter was $205 million, a 71 percent decrease. Dell desktop and thin client revenue increased 1 percent, mobility revenue declined 10 percent, and revenue from software from third parties and peripherals declined 5 percent. Dell was the only vendor among the top five worldwide to increase PC unit-shipment share both year over year and sequentially in the past two calendar quarters, according to IDC

CRN reports on overall server shipments - HP vs. Dell vs. IBM.

The IDC data shows Dell's unit shipment share in the second quarter was up 4.8 percent to 552,486 units, just 28,684 units behind No. 1 global shipment winner HP, whose global shipments declined 13.6 percent to 581,170 units during the quarter, sources said. IBM's global unit share, meanwhile, dropped 8.4 percent to 200,985 units, the sources said.

HP remains the No. 1 global shipment provider with 30 percent share followed by Dell with 28.6 percent share, IBM with 10.4 percent share, Cisco with 2.9 percent share and Lenovo with 2.7 percent share, according to sources who have seen the preliminary data.