Can you see the Changes in the Data Center industry? We all suffer from Change Blindness

I was sitting down with a data center executive for lunch yesterday and we chatted about a bunch of different things.  Much of what we shared was observations and perspectives on what is going on in the data center industry.

One of the things we laughed about is the number of people, a very large number of the people who based their perception of what is going based on in the data center industry on what they read.  Whenever we read something that doesn't make sense, we can check with friends, or just know the news doesn't make jive with other data we have.

Part of what contributes to being able to recognize the truth from fiction is whether you understand how we all suffer from Change Blindness.  Change Blindness is many times worse inside a company where people don't get out much, and compare their observations with others.

Change Blindness

  • Posted 01.27.11
  • NOVA scienceNOW

Psychologists who study the fascinating phenomenon of change blindness know that merely looking at something is not the same as actively paying attention to it. As the demonstration in this video shows, people can be blind to significant changes in a visual scene that are obvious to someone who expects that these changes are going to happen.

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