The data center growth that doesn't get reported, the big players are growing much faster

I read this Network Computing article that was reporting on an Uptime Study.

Data Center Study: The Big Get Bigger


Business success goes to those that can strategically and efficiently wield technology, and in this data saturated and hyper-connected age, that requires data centers. The latest Uptime Institute Data Center Industry Survey demonstrates that scale matters and operating data centers and computer rooms, which was never a task for amateurs, is increasingly the realm of those that make data centers their core business.

Uptime's survey, with responses from 1,000 data center facilities operators, IT managers and senior executives from around the globe, shows data center operators are expecting healthy budgets, with nearly a third in the U.S. and Europe seeing increases of 10% or more. Most of the bump is driven by third-party operators, which the Uptime Institute defines as "companies that provide computing capacity as a service in any form: Software as a Service, cloud computing, multi-tenant colocation, or wholesale data center providers."

The really big players Google, Microsoft,, Facebook, and Apple are not going to fill out out an Uptime Institute Survey to report their growth.  I define the BIG as those who run 100,000 servers plus.

Netcraft reports on AWS's growth of 10% in 4 months.



Surveys are good for those who don't know.  For those who know they would laugh at growth of the big players estimated in the 10% + range.