Oops, took a knife in a carry-on

I just got back from Iceland and took my camera gear.  After a few days going through my gear in the hotel I saw one of my folding knives was in the camera bag.  I made it through security once, but I wasn't going to try again so checked one bag with the below knife in it.


 Here is a video of the knife.

Why did I have a knife in my camera bag?  When you have $3,000 worth of camera and lens, and another $3,000 Mac Book Retina it's a bit of insurance to have when walking around with the gear.  Plus its handy to have a good knife.

How did I get through security?  With all the camera gear batteries, cables, tablet in the camera backpack it was probably hard to see the knife since it was in a side pocket position like this to the X-ray scanner.


Next time I'll double check the side pockets of my camera bag to make sure I take the knife out. :-)