RMS Launches its First Data Center - Green with 100% renewable energy

This last week I was in Iceland at a media/analyst event sponsored by RMS, Datapipe, and Verne Global.  Honestly, I spent so much time talking to so many different people, I find it easier to reference the public disclosures than to write on my own. :-)

The #1 topic of interest to me is RMS as a customer choose its first data center to be a green one with 100% renewable with Datapipe in Verne Global's data center.

Here is the press release from the customer, RMS.  This is RMS's first data center, a green one with 100% renewable energy.

RMS Launches First Global Data Center, Taps Verne Global and Datapipe for 100 Percent Green Computing Environment

Verne Global and Datapipe deliver renewably powered high-performance computing for RMS’ revolutionary exposure and risk management environment

KEFLAVIK, Iceland – Sept. 19, 2013 – Verne Global today announced that RMS, the world’s leading catastrophe risk modeling firm, is deploying its RMS Cloud from Verne Global’s data center campus in Iceland. Powered by the RMS Cloud, RMS(one)TM, the insurance industry’s first real-time exposure and risk management environment, will empower insurers and reinsurers to execute risk modeling, underwriting and portfolio management on a single, open platform hosted in a 100 percent green environment. RMS(one) TM will leverage Datapipe’s Stratosphere® high-performance computing (HPC) green cloud platform for peak loads.

“With RMS(one) running on the RMS Cloud we are giving our customers unprecedented freedom, business agility and competitive advantage by allowing them to execute on their entire exposure and risk management strategies,” said Bobby Soni, chief platform and services officer at RMS. “RMS(one) offers the industry’s first secure, reliable and scalable computing platform coupled with big data infrastructure, which streamlines our customers’ modeling, underwriting and portfolio management processes.” 

Here is one post from ZDNet's David Chernicoff.

RMS demonstrates the importance of the private cloud

Summary: Lack of reliability in Amazon EC2 a major motivator in private cloud investment


When RMS looked at deploying the betas of their cutting edge insurance risk management solution,RMSone, to their customers they realized that the cloud-based service would be significantly less valuable if it wasn’t incredibly reliable.

Here in DatacenterKnowledge's post from Rich Miller.

Data Center Customers Warming to Iceland

September 19th, 2013By: Rich Miller


Verne Global CEO Jeff Monroe calls its Iceland-based data center “the ultimate energy hedge” for its ability to provide long-term price visibility through 12 to 20-year contracts. (Photo: Colleen Miller)

and a post from Colleen Miller.

Free Cooling in Iceland: A Closer Look at the Verne Global Data Center

September 19th, 2013By: Colleen Miller

  •  KEFLAVIK, ICELAND - Verne Global, which announced a cloud launch this week by client Datapipe and its client risk-modeling specialist RMS, is uniquely positioned from a geographical and business perspective. Verne is taking advantage of the geography of Iceland to operate a data center that is run on 100 percent renewable energy sources, and leverages the chilly climate in Iceland, located just below the Arctic Circle. The geography and geology of Iceland allows the local power companies to use natural resources such as hydro power and geothermal resources to produce electricity. Data Center Knowledge took a tour of this unique data center facility this week. Our photo feature gives insight into the facility, which is being deployed with a modular approach, and seeks to draw clients from both the United States and European countries. SeeVerne Global Data Center Leverages Iceland Power, Cooling.