Do you know anyone who is line to buy IO IPO?

For years, when anyone asked me what I thought about IO Data Centers, I said the company is looking to be bought or go IPO.  Well now IO has filed a confidential S1 for IPO.   

Modular data center specialist IO files for IPO


SEP. 24, 2013 - 10:56 AM PDT

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photo: IO

Modular data center manufacturer IO has filed a confidential S-1 form and plans to go public in the near future. The company has made a name for itself selling fully contained data centers that take up only 462 square feet of floor space.

I wonder how many of you are looking to buy the IPO shares and are putting your buy orders in.  Talking to my friends, we will be watching the IO stock to see if it flies, goes sideways, or ???