A Test of How Connected you are in the DC Industry, when do you find out

Mike Manos has a post on a new job opening at big tech firm.

Will not name who, but a Big Tech firm just created an opening for a new Infrastructure/Ops guru. Lord knows they need a good one!

I will also not name who.

In the old days you would go where those who know hang out.


The Old London Coffee House Blanc, A., del., photograph ca. 1853, billows smoke from two chimneys and is the central building depicted in this crowded, city, street scene. Among the many shoppers and merchants milling along the outside of the city street buildings are men, women, children and even animals running free. The street is filled with all of the above and includes a horse and carriage, a single rider on his stead, and a covered wagon to the far left.
The Old London Coffee House

Opened by William Bradford in 1754, the London Coffee House was built with funds provided by more than 200 Philadelphia merchants, and it soon became their meeting place. Here merchants, ship masters and others talked business and made deals that they often sealed with nothing more than a simple handshake. The governor and other officials also frequented the coffee house, where they held court in their own private booths. City residents came to get the latest news and to buy tickets for concerts, lectures and other public events. The coffee house was also a destination for weary travelers from other colonies, and countries, and for the businessmen and curious onlookers attending the auctions held regularly outside its front doors.

Now, friends talk, share information, don't use company e-mail, don't use full names.  This isn't the type of stuff the CIA would worry to break the encrypted content.  There is common sense of what you have on company e-mail and what you don't.

For the DC industry this gossip is much more relevant than Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft.  Why the person is leaving, who the successor will be is much more interesting to talk about.  Who would be good at the job is speculated.  What will happen?  Will the Big Tech Firm executives figure out who the best in the industry are?  As people interview more data will show up.

Many of us will be at 7x24 Exchange San Antonio in November.  

It was interesting to see how quickly the news moved, and people were contacting those who should know.

There have been other executive changes that have occurred over the past couple of months from within the Big Tech Firms it is better the media doesn't know what is going on.

BTW, #DCRumors probably won't work too well as a Twitter hashtag as there are others who are using DC to mean DC Comics. :-)