What is next for Steve Ballmer? Sports Team, An Island, Ballmerville? (humor)

There is so much news about Ballmer's retirement it is numbing.

Here is a fun discussion.  I live in Redmond, WA, so I am surrounded by Microsoft employees.  I left Microsoft 7 years ago, so I can joke about things like Microsoft. 

What will Ballmer do next with his Billions of dollars?

One of the easy ones is Ballmer will bring an NBA basketball team back to Seattle.  This follows the footsteps of Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder who owns the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks.  

Steve Ballmer-led group to buy Sacramento Kings, bring basketball back to Seattle

Rumors are that Alan Mulally was leaving Ford to be CEO of Microsoft.  A job exchange?  Ballmer runs Ford. and Mulally runs Microsoft.

Mulally says no plans to leave Ford early

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Associated Press 

BERLIN (AP) — The chief executive of Ford Motor Co. says he has no plans to leave the company early after reports that he might be tipped to take a leading role at software maker Microsoft Corp.

Buy an Island.  Larry Ellison has already done that.

Larry Ellison's Fantasy Island

One of the world's richest people, Larry Ellison is known for his colorful exploits. Now he's tackling one of his most ambitious and expensive projects yet: rejuvenating one of Hawaii's smallest inhabited islands.

One of the funnier ones would be if Steve bought a city.  What city?  How about his hometown of Detroit.  Price is at an all time low.

Ballmer was born in Detroit, the son of Beatrice Dworkin and Frederic Henry Ballmer, a manager at the Ford Motor Company.

And Steve could rename the town Ballmerville.  All computers will run Microsoft software. Only Windows Phones will run.  It will be a utopian society for an executive with 33 years of experience at Microsoft.