OCP Summit 2014, people I am looking forward to seeing

From a green data center perspective the Open Compute Summit is where I see a lot of people that are good to connect with.

Here are some of the people I am looking forward to catching up with.

There is a Renewable Energy Discussion.

"Exploring Renewable Energy Solutions for Datacenters" - Bill Weihl (Manager of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Facebook); Vince Van Son (Data Center Energy Manager, Facebook); Gary Cook (Senior Policy Analyst, Greenpeace); Rob Bernard (Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft); Melissa Gray (Senior Director of Sustainability, Rackspace)

Jon Koomey has a panel.

"Bringing Integrated Design, Mass Production, and Learning by Doing to the Datacenter Industry" - Jon Koomey (Research Fellow, Stanford University); others to be announced

I just moderated a webinar with LSI and met Greg Huff.

To be announced - Greg Huff (CTO, LSI)

The Open Networking discussion has familiar names.

"Opening Up Network Hardware" - Najam Ahmad (Director, Infrastructure, Facebook); JR Rivers (Co-founder and CEO, Cumulus Networks); Martin Casado (Chief Architect, Networking, VMware); Matthew Liste, (Managing Director, Core Infrastructure Platform, Goldman Sachs); Dave Maltz (Microsoft)

And it will be interesting what Tom Furlong gives as his DCIM update since DatacenterDynamics where he shared his DCIM vision.

"Update on Facebook's DCIM Solution"- Tom Furlong (VP, Infrastructure, Facebook)