Speaking at Wavefront Wireless Summit, Vancouver Feb 5, 2014

Mobile solutions is where I spend the most of my time developing new systems. The back end is the cloud.  HTML5 is the browser for PC or Tablet.  The Samsung Galaxy Note is our preferred hardware device.  Big Data and Analytics are features.  Social is there as well.  We launched on Jan 13, 2014 and for now I don’t plan on discussing any specifics as I don’t think I can write as freely if I am trying to promote a for profit service on the same blog.  What our service does is known by a few of the readers of this blog, but not many.

What I do like to discuss is ideas I figure out and are worth sharing.  GigaOm’s David Card, VP of Research invited me to speak at the Wavefront Wireless Summit on Feb 5, 2014.  Given our service was going live and I now spend time in operations in Seattle and SF it is hard to find time for conferences.  But, given the conference is all about Mobile and Wireless and the event is Vancouver (a 3 hr drive from Redmond, WA) I decided to confirm my attendance. 

Here is the event.


The session I am speaking on is this one.


What’s Real at the Nexus of Forces: Mobile, social, data, cloud?

This time, change is coming from four directions. Post-web computing harnesses disruptive technologies in the cloud and on mobile devices, and puts social media and big data to work. While consumer-driven tech leaks into the enterprise, line of business management and IT must collaborate to get the most of these four critical technologies. But hold off the hype, and keep the futurists focused: this session will zero in on what’s realistic in the next 12-24 months. What’s pie-in-the-sky and what’s driving 12-24 month decisions that can show payoff?

Oh, didn’t realize that M2M is part of the conference too.


M2M Summit – Machine-to-Machine technologies are changing the way we do business. Learn from the top players in the M2M ecosystem at this marquee event.

  • M2M brings together people, process, data and things to generate big data and new capabilities
  • Consumer applications – the next wave of opportunity
  • Solving industry specific problems: How is M2M transforming Canada’s core industries?
  • The global evolution of standards & specifications
  • Security – a technologist’s look at the safe guards and threats in M2M
  • The maker movement – where are the business opportunities?

Forgot to mention our service supports M2M as well.   

No wonder I have a hard time with an elevator pitch.  Our service is a mobile, cloud, HTML5, big data, social, M2M, industrial operations Platform. :-)

So glad my schedule works out to go to Wavefront Wireless Summit