Changing how you get Books to Learn more

There are some people who will not change the habit of reading printed books.  Many times these same people have to print something to read it.  They will make statements that they love the feel of the book and enjoy to hear the sound of the pages turn.  These same people probably miss the retail bookstores that used to be in all the malls.

I’ve watched the eBooks effort at Microsoft stumble, and when Amazon launched the Kindle some enthusiastic friends convinced me to buy one.  And, I now rarely buy a printed book, and for years accumulated a collection of Kindle eBooks.

There are some books that just don’t work on the Kindle.  Like Photography ones.  I would then turn to the Library and check out books.

I also went through the phase of putting the Kindle books on the smartphone and tablet.  Recently, I decided to get a Kindle Paperwhite, thinking that if I only read 10% faster it is worth it.  The best thing about the Paperwhite is when I read a book, I am less tempted to switch and read mail or surf the web.  I read and focus.

The other change I made is to stop buying Kindle eBooks.  I now buy a Kindle eBook maybe once every 3-4 months, sometimes less.’s algorithms know what I am doing.  I choose to rent the Kindle eBooks from the Library, and rent 3-4 times the amount of books I used to buy just to try out different books.

I worked on all kinds of print technology - fonts, graphics, printers, high end RIPS, scanners so I know the technology.  Sometimes it is best to move on, and leave the technology behind.  The technology of printing and buying books.