Why 7x24 Exchange conference is popular with my friends?

7x24 Exchange Conference Phoenix is coming up and now that it is two weeks away. I am checking in with some friends to see if they’ll be there.  So far I am batting 100% of the people I am looking forward to see.  Why are so many of my data center friends going to 7x24 Exchange Conferences?  At 7x24 Exchange Conferences there is a critical mass of friends and ideas that support data center innovation.  Almost every DC conference will claim it is driving data center innovation, but so many times the innovation is coming from the conversations not in the program.

I return to 7x24 to see friends and make news ones.  Is this just a social event?  No, there are good presentations which is the benefit of not using a “pay to play” presentation model.  Some conferences, a Platinum sponsor means you get a keynote spot.  Silver you’ll get a small breakout room. etc.


What ideas are discussed?  That is constantly changing which is part of why you return, and have had value from past conferences.

Disclosure: In the past I would meet most of my friends at another conference that I am blacklisted from attending, so I have an incentive to help drive my friends to a conference where we will feel free to talk about anything we want.  7x24 Exchange has been supportive and open to feedback on what it takes to be a data center event that my friends find useful for so many reasons.