Finland announces Submarine Cable to Germany and hopes of Asia

Thanks to Google and others putting data centers in Finland, there is a higher demand for connectivity.

Finland is starting construction of a submarine information cable to Germany to attract more data centers and improve security by diversifying connections.

The system, worth about 60 million euros ($74 million), will be supplied by Alcatel-Lucent SA, according to Jukka-Pekka Joensuu of state-owned Cinia Group Oy. The work is set to be completed in early 2016.

With the right financing there is hopes for a connection from Finland to China.

Once Finland’s link to Germany is completed, the government hopes to speed up Asia’s cyber connection with Europe via a planned cable through Arctic waters and Russia. The project is the subject of preliminary talks by several governments and companies, and may cost about 800 million euros, according to Eero Heliovaara, head of the department that oversees Finland’s government-owned companies.

“First we want to attract data centers,” Heliovaara said in an interview in Helsinki. “They will see the link to Asia as important. Large Chinese companies are very interested — it all depends on how the financing can be arranged.”