IO announces splitting into 2 companies, is 2nd largest private DC company and will be #? after split

IO announced that it is going to split into two companies and it says it is the 2nd largest private data center company as they were not able to make the transition to a public company with an IPO.

December 2, 2014 By Jason Ferrara
Phoenix, Ariz. – Dec. 2, 2014 – IO, a leading data center services company, today announced plans to separate into two independent companies. IO will continue to deliver its market-leading colocation and cloud services. The new company, BASELAYER, will comprise IO’s visionary modular data center hardware and data center infrastructure management software. The company expects to complete the separation in early 2015.
Today, IO is the second-largest private data center company in the world. The company first revolutionized colocation services in 2007, layering optimized thermal efficiency onto traditional offerings. Shortly after, in 2011, the company invented a patented modular data center with intelligent management and control mechanisms to drive further efficiency and density.

Viawest and Sabey both say they are one of the largest private data center companies.  I couldn't find who claims to be #1.

What occurred is how big or rather how much smaller will the new IO split companies be?