Facebook Open Sources its PUE/WUE Dashboards

Facebook has open sourced its PUE and WUE Dashboard tools.  We’ll see if others contribute open source data center SW.  Right now Netflix and Facebook seem the most active.

Lyrica McTiernanEngineering

Open sourcing PUE/WUE dashboards


Last April, we launched public dashboards that visualize real-time energy and water efficiency in ourOregon and North Carolina data centers. We’re proud of our data center efficiency, and we wanted to demystify data centers and share more about what our operations really look like.

In the spirit of transparency, we encourage others to share these data as well. To make this easier, today we’re open sourcing the code for these dashboards so anyone can use it. Since not all operational systems aggregate data in the same way, we’ve separated the code into two pieces: a front-end UI component and a back-end data aggregator that may be helpful for those with systems similar to ours. The two components work together – or they can be used separately.

Rackspace participated in beta testing this code and provided feedback prior to this open source release. Rackspace is currently considering integrating the open source code into their facilities.

In the coming months, we will be adding a dashboard for our Sweden data center and – when it’s operational – for our Iowa data center as well.

To access the dashboard code, go to GitHub for the front-end component, and the back-end data aggregator.