Wow AWS is 8 years old

GigaOm’s Barb Darrow posted on AWS turning 8.


Amazon’s ginormous public cloud turns 8 today



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When Amazon launched S3 in March, 2006, no one with the possible exception of Jeff Bezos et al, thought that Amazon Web Services would become an IT juggernaut. Well, guess what?

Eight years ago Amazon, the online book seller, announced a storage service for the internet. That S3 service was the first of a slew of cloud-based products that Amazon launched and which, it can be safely said, shook the IT world to its roots.

I can remember this time well as I left Microsoft in Apr 2006 and a friend left Microsoft to join the AWS team, and he is still there.

Web Services Evangelism

Amazon Web Services

May 2006 – February 2010 (3 years 10 months)

Amazon Web Services provides developers with direct access to Amazon's robust technology platform on a true on-demand basis. For example, what used to require an upfront investment in servers is now an on-demand utility, accessible for only $0.085/hour, with no upfront costs, no monthly minimums, and no catches.

There is nothing more exciting than telling the world about the amazing things that they can do with Amazon Web Services. So it was easy to travel the world, telling anyone who would listen, about this new thing known as "the cloud". Isn't it incredible? In 2006 S3 and EC2 were born -- and we were amazed that 185 million "objects" were stored in Amazon S3.