Google's Cloud Event favored over AWS Summits Mar 25-26, 2014

I was in SF this week for three days of conference and meetings.   I didn’t make it to the Google Cloud Event.  I did go to the AWS Summit.  My friends who went to the Google Cloud event said great things about the event and how good the party was.  The same friends and I agreed the AWS Summit Keynote was so boring.  There were hundreds of people who walked out of the keynote.  Why?  The AWS event spent time explaining the AWS stack, going over every component.


There were friends online were making fun of the presentation being so boring.  This presentation could have been made at a Gartner conference, and even included Gartner quotes


This messaging made sense given the big push was for Amazon Workspaces.


If you want to see how boring the AWS Summit Keynote was you can watch the video along with the other 763 views.

Or you can watch the Google Cloud video with the other 6,266 views.

I am taking the time to watch Urs.  Good stuff if you want to develop some Cloud apps.  If I watched the AWS I would probably fall asleep listening to how AWS is right for the Enterprise.