Can you see the IOT Vaporware? Missing things like integration and features

I was reading GigaOm’s Stacey Higginbotham post on the Vaporware associated with connected devices.

How to recognize the three types of connected device vaporware


MAR. 28, 2014 - 1:02 PM PDT

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After the launch of a connected device, for many people the waiting begins. They are waiting for the actual product, or an integration or even a promise that the device can’t deliver.

Earlier this week I was at OSIsoft’s User Conference and one of the lessons I learned years ago is integrating the machine data is much harder than people think.  Why?  Because interfaces that are in the specification may be in beta or not work at all.  Or if they do work, they may have latency issues when information is passed from a sensor to a gateway type of device that is responsible for communications.  This is like bad drivers.

The integration of low level communications is not the sexy stuff and gets dropped on the cutting room floor to ship.

How many of you have tried to integrate systems and been frustrated when a piece of hardware doesn’t communicate the way you thought.  As Mike Manos told me once we can show you the pieces of equipment we have in the data center just don’t share how we did the integration.  The integration is the hard stuff.  But too many times this hard stuff is not valued by those who make the purchasing decisions.