What is the software and sensors to monitor your UPS batteries?

Batteries are part of most data centers, but how many of you have software and sensor solutions for those batteries?

You may not have much choice now, but more is coming.  GigaOm’s Katie Fehrenbacher has a post on some of  the sensor and battery projects.

The coming battery boom will need better software, sensors & data



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Before we get drowned in cheap batteries, we’ll need better software to monitor and manage them, both optimizing their batteries use and keeping them safe.


But beyond Tesla, there are many other big companies, startups and even researchers in labs working on new types of battery software, sensing and predictive algorithms. It will be these computing and communication technologies that will help enable lithium-ion batteries (and other batteries) — which can be flammable and volatile under the wrong conditions — become safe enough to allay fears of having them in vehicles and in huge battery banks near power lines.

If you want more sensors and software start asking your UPS vendors.