Writing about Information Theory, no Information Engineering

I have been thinking it is time to change what I spend time writing about.  The data center is a building to house information.  Information is changing how data centers are built.  Services are changing the information we work with.  It is time to change how Information Technology systems are designed and used.

If you look hard you can see the changes coming through.  It is dividing those who want change and those who see change as a threat to their way of doing things.

I started writing this blog on the idea of a green data center is important.  It is, and will continue to evolve.  The greening of the data center is becoming more than just the building.  It is hardware and the software together is greener, and the information is being used to support sustainable efforts.  

One idea to write about is Information Theory.  No, information theory makes it seems like it is theoretical.  What is more interesting is what is getting done.  The execution.  The trade-offs being made to make changes happen.  Information Engineering seems like a better description.


I still plan on writing on data centers especially those ideas that support greener more sustainable ideas.